Hey everyone! Happy Sunday. So I just wanted to share this fabulous 30 Day Intro To Paleo Ebook with you all for a few reasons. For one, a lot of people ask me where to start when it comes to going paleo. And a lot of times people really don't want to read a massive book about all the science behind it. And that's fair enough, we're all busy I know! So here is a perfect opportunity to get started and jump right in. This book is genius, seriously I'm so impressed with Hayley and Bill the authors of this book from The Food Lovers Kitchen. It's practically idiot proof.

They briefly explain the science behind the paleo diet, just enough so that you understand what you can and shouldn't eat and why, and then go right into a very detailed and specific 30 day plan complete with a shopping lists, meals and recipes. The other amazing part about this ebook is that it's interactive with links to websites with more info if you're interested and where they purchase some of their favorite paleo items. Oh and there are videos too! Informational ones and how to make certain dishes. You literally can't go wrong with this book in my opinion. It's so straight forward you don't even have to think. I mean printable shopping lists with recipes for 30 days? Perfection in my opinion. Even as an avid paleo dieter myself I've learned from this book and love the recipes in it. If you're already paleo, this book is worth it just for the recipes themselves. I've tried several now and have loved them all. Plus it's an extremely affordable book, you definitely get your moneys worth! So if you're looking for a jump start into the paleo diet or just a whole heap of delicious paleo recipes this is one great place to get them. I hope you enjoy the 30 Day Intro to Paleo Ebook as much as I have!